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06/2022: The largest GWAS of PUFAs and MUFAs released! A major effort led by Michael. Congrats!

06/2022: Kaixiong is attending the #PEQG22 conference at Asilomar.

05/2022: Yitang received the Graduate Education Advancement Board Fellowship from the graduate school. Congrats!

05/2022: Our study on omega-3 fatty acids and COVID-19 is published on Frontiers in Medicines. Congrats to Yitang and the two undergrads, Radhika and Akash.

05/2022: Aaron, Akash, Ayushi, Radhika, and Stephanie graduated with bachelor's degrees. Congratulations!

04/2022: Yitang received the 2022 Mote Graduate Award for Biomedical Research in Genetics from the department. 2nd year in a row. Congratulations!

04/2022: Yitang received the 2022 Summer Research Grant from the Graduate School.

04/2022: Abigail, Akash, Nikhita, Julia, Isabelle, and Aaron will present their research at the 2022 CURO Symposium.

03/2022: Yitang received the "best poster award" at the SEPEEG conference.

03/2022: Shuang delivered an oral presentation at the SEPEEG conference.

02/2022: Susan Adanna Ihejirika joins the lab as a graduate student in Bioinformatics.

12/2021: Huifang joins the lab as a graduate student in Genetics. We are very excited to have her join the lab!

12/2021: Our large-scale MR study to prioritize causal risk factors for COVID-19 is now published in Communications Medicine.

10/2021: Huifang Xu, Mengyuan Zhang, and Nikitha Sundaresha start their rotation in the lab. Welcome!

08/2021: UGA geneticist receives NIH award to pursue precision medicine.

07/2021: Kaixiong's NIH R35 MIRA proposal is funded! The research theme is: Gene-Environment Interactions in Human Evolution and Complex Traits. We are so excited!

06/2021: Isabelle, Aaron, and Julia received the 2021 Summer CURO Research Assistantship. Congratulations!

06/2021: Yitang received the Mary Erlanger Graduate Fellowship from the Grad School. Congratulations!

05/2021: Our review on the adaptive evolution of metabolic genes and traits is now online.

05/2021: Christina graduated with a BS in Genetics. Congratulations!

05/2021: Will graduated from high school and is heading to Stanford for his undergrad. Congratulations!

05/2021: Yitang passed his qualifying exam and is now a PhD candidate! Congratulations!

04/2021: Akash received the 2021 Summer CURO Research Assistantship. Congratulations!

04/2021: Michael received the 2021-22 NIH Training Grant Fellowship. Congratulations!

04/2021: Yitang received the Mote Graduate Support Fund for Biomedical Genetics Research from the Genetics department.

03/2021: Should you take fish oil? Depends on your genotype. A news story on our recent PLOS Genetics publication.

03/2021: Nuno Carvalho, a high-school senior who spent the 2020 summer in the lab, received the DAR Good Citizen Award! Congratulations!

03/2021: Our Mendelian Randomization study on white blood cells and COVID-19 is accepted by Journal of Personalized Medicine. Cheers!

02/2021: Our Mendelian Randomization study on minerals and osteoarthritis is accepted by Osteoarthritis and Cartilage. Yayyy!

02/2021: Our Gene-Diet Interaction study on fish oil supplementation and blood lipids has been accepted by PLOS Genetics. Cheers!!

01/2021: Our most recent effort to "Prioritizing Causal Risk Factors for Severe COVID-19" is released online as a preprint.

01/2021: Our study on the mechanistic basis of a genetic locus for severe COVID-19 is accepted by the Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences.Cheers!

01/2021: Michael passed his qualifying exam and is now a PhD candidate. Congratulations!

01/2021: Happy New Year!

12/2020: Our study on Cognitive Disorders and COVID-19 made it into the Top UGA Research Stories of 2020.

12/2020: Christina, Radhika, Megan and Stephanie received CURO Research Assistantship for the 2021 Spring semester! Congrat!

10/2020: Our research on COVID-19 is featured on UGA Today!

10/2020: Our hypothesis-free study for pre-exisiting conditions that increase the risk of hospitalized COVID-19 is published in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. Cheers!

10/2020: Our study on the clinical consequences of varying levels of circulating iron and copper is published in Nutrients. Cheers!

09/2020: Our manuscript on a major genetic locus of severe COVID-19 is released on medRxiv.

08/2020: Shuang passed her qualifying exam and is now a PhD candidate. Congrats!

08/2020: Nuno created an introduction video to GWAS. Enjoy!

08/2020: Kaixiong presented at a webinar on Nutrient-Gene Interactions hosted by the American Society for Nutrition.

07/2020: Our collaborative effort to study the underlying mechanism of taste loss in COVID-19 patients was published in ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science.

06/2020: Chang and Liushu graduated with their BS in Biology. Congrats!

05/2020: Kris Porter joins the lab as an REU summer researcher. Welcome!

05/2020: Briana and Haley graduated this May. Congrats!

04/2020: Radhika received the 2020 CURO Summer Fellowship. Congrats!

04/2020: Michael received the 2020 Communication of Research and Scholarship Grant from the graduate school. Cheers!

04/2020: Michael received the 2020-21 NIH Training Grant Fellowship! Congratulations!

02/2020: Yitang's co-authored paper was just accepted by Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B. Congrat!!

01/2020: Michael won the 2nd place in the 2019 UGA Capturing Science Contest. Congrat!!

01/2020: Kaixiong is selected as a Scialog Fellow to participate in the 2020 Scialog: Microbiome, Neurobiology and Disease.

01/2020: Briana, Ayushi, and Radhika received CURO Research Assistantship for the Spring semester! Congrat!

12/2019: Jamie graduated with a BS in Genetics! Congratulations!

10/2019: Michael is now a certified instructor for The Carpentries.

10/2019: Kaixiong attended the 2019 ASHG meeting and moderated a session on "Methods and Resources in Large-scale Population Data".

10/2019: We will attend the 45th annual Southeastern Population Ecology and Evolutionary Genetics (SEPEEG) annual meeting at Pendleton, SC.

09/2019: We had a Ye lab fall party to welcome new group members and celebrate the start of a new semester.

09/2019: Chang, Lingshu and Ake joined as visiting students and scholars from China. Welcome!

08/2019: Jamie, Radhikda, Ayushi joined as undergrad researchers. Welcome!

08/2019: Haley received a CURO Research Assistantship for the fall semester! Congrat!

08/2019: We celebrate the one year anniversary of Ye lab @ UGA.

08/2019: Kaixiong will attend the annual meeting of the International Society for Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health (ISEMPH) in Zurich.

07/2019: Michael and Yitang will attend the 24th Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics in Seattle, WA.

06/2019: Kaixiong will attend the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) annual meeting in Baltimore, MD from June 8-11.

06/2019: Michael Francis joined the group as a PhD student in Bioinformatics. Welcome!

05/2019: Dr. Jingqi Zhou joined the group as a postdoctoral researcher. 欢迎!

05/2019: Emily Toucet, a senior from the University of Puerto Rico at Cayey Campus, joined the group as a summer research fellow in Genetics. Bienvenida!

05/2019: Kyndal graduated with a BS in Biology! Congratulations!

03/2019: Kaixiong gave a talk in the Department of Environmental Health Science at UGA on 03/08;

02/2019: Kaixiong is interviewed by Las Vegas Review-Journal on Personalized Dietary Recommendation.

01/2019: Kaixiong gave a talk in the Department of Foods and Nutrition at UGA on 01/23;

01/2019: The Ye lab website is officially online;

11/2018: Kaixiong gave a talk at GeorgiaTech;

09/2018: Yitang Sun, a visiting student from the University of Florida joins the lab;

09/2018: We are now affiliated with the Institute of Bioinformatics;

08/2018: The Ye Lab is officially up and running in the Department of Genetics at UGA;